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MyPalaCasinofeatures a wide variety of slot games, Blackjack, roulette, video poker, craps and Texas Hold'em poker as well as slot and poker tournaments and collectable puzzle games. Officials also announced that virtual sports games also will be added to the social casino in the near future. The social gaming software and systems are provided by Pala Interactive LLC, an online social and real money gaming software developer that was founded in 2013 in anticipation of the growing online social and real money gaming opportunities in the United States. MyPalaCasino is integrated with the casino's Pala Privileges player rewards program to further enhance each guest's online gaming experience. "We are really excited about the launch of this new gaming product. We believe the games will provide another high-quality gaming experience for our guests especially those who are not able to visit our resort. The social casino also will reach Southern Californians, who may not have experienced everything that our resort has to offer," said Bill Bembenek, Pala's chief executive officer. Bembenek added that Pala Interactive was selected to provide the social casino due in large part to its ability to efficiently customize online gaming products for its clients. "Pala Interactive has demonstrated its ability to develop, operate and support various online gaming products evidenced by its successful launch of a comprehensive cash, online casino and bingo offering in New Jersey and its development of subscription and social gaming products for other various customers." After establishing an account with a user name and password, guests can earn rewards that will be redeemable for a variety of Pala entertainment services including added play, spa services, food and beverage, and hotel rooms. Guests will not need a Pala Privileges card or PIN to play, but they will have to come into the casino and register as a member to redeem rewards.

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extradition in Silk Road case DUBLIN An Irishman accused of helping run the Silk Road underground website lost an appeal on Tuesday against extradition to the United States to face charges relating to more than $200 million worth of alleged anonymous casino online gratis online drug sales. Silk Road operated for more than two years, allowing users to buy drugs and other illicit goods using the digital currency bitcoin. U.S. authorities have accused Gary Davis, 28, of conspiracy to distribute narcotics, conspiracy to commit computer hacking and conspiracy to commit money laundering. He might face life in prison if is found guilty of the narcotics charge. Ireland's Court of Appeal said it was alleged that Davis, who was not obliged to make a plea as part of the extradition hearing, earned $1,500 a week for his services on Silk Road. Lawyers for Davis had argued that the judge who ordered his extradition last year made a mistake in deciding that mental health conditions including Asperger's syndrome, depression and anxiety did not give rise to a real risk of a violation of his rights under Irish and European law. The three-judge appeal court said on Tuesday it agreed with the extradition judge's decision that U.S. authorities would act to protect his mental and physical health.

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