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FILE - In this June 4, 2010, file photo, dressed in jeans and blue suede loafers, Kim Jong Nam, the eldest son of then North Korean leader Kim Jong Il, waves after his first-ever interview with South Korean media in Macau. Kim Jong Nam had spent years in exile, gambling and drinking and arranging the occasional business deal as he traveled across Asia and Europe. His fortunes had apparently declined in recent years, and he’d moved his family from a luxurious seafront condominium complex in Macau to a more affordable apartment building. (Shin In-seop/JoongAng Ilbo via AP, File) Photo: Shin In-seop, AP / JoongAng Ilbo At some point in his childhood, Kim Jong Nam left home, spending years living either with his mother or in boarding schools in Moscow and Geneva. He came back as a worldly teenager, a young man conversant in a string of languages who found himself back in the walled-off mansions and with just a cousin, his aunt's daughter, for company. "They had nothing to do. They had no place to go," So'ng wrote in her memoir. They would occasionally be driven around the city, but weren't allowed out of the car. At the seaside, they'd be kept in a sealed-off area where they "experienced the sorrow of being on the vast empty beach." By that time, Kim Jong Il also had another family, with a dancer named Ko Yong-hui who gave birth to the current ruler, and his brother and sister. Kim Jong Il, who succeeded his father in 1994, shifted what So'ng called his "abnormal, tearful love" of Kim Jong Nam to his new children. It was probably around this point that Kim Jong Nam then seen by most analysts as his father's successor-in-waiting was pushed aside, almost certainly by his step-mother. "I think Kim Jong Nam was already out" of the succession race, because of the increased influence of Ko and her children, said Chang Yong Seok , a senior researcher at Seoul National University 's Institute for Peace and Unification studies. "A queen can play a very important role when a crown prince is proclaimed," he added.

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